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Are You Suffering from Holiday Headaches?

woman sitting on a bed with a headacheIt’s that time of year again–the last-minute shopping, baking, and gift wrapping season is upon us. With so much to do and so little time to get it done, you might fall victim to this common holiday health rut: headaches.

Headaches are incredibly common this time of year and are caused by more than just tension. In fact, weather changes, hormonal changes, food allergies, and stress can all impact the number of headaches (and their intensity) that you experience.

What You Can Do

If you feel like your head is hurting more than usual, here are a few ways to combat the pain naturally:

  • Use ice. Icing the base of your skull can offer great relief in headaches from a variety of causes.
  • Take a few quiet moments to yourself. When stress spikes, sometimes, we just need to take a few deep breaths and relax to help calm our bodies. Give this a try at the first sign of a headache.
  • Reduce screen time. Sitting in front of a computer for hours each day, and then staring at our television sets and phone screen all night is not good for our eyes. Sometimes, this can lead to headaches. While we understand that most work these days involves a screen, try giving your eyes a break every hour by looking away from your screen and focus them outside for some natural light. We also recommend stopping screen usage an hour before bedtime so you don’t trigger any nocturnal headaches or morning head pain.
  • Gentle massage. This doesn’t need to be a scheduled, hour-long session. When you feel an ache coming on, try gently rubbing your temples in a circular motion. If the pain is in the back of your skull, do the same on your upper neck.
  • Visit us for an adjustment. Back Care Plus is open and ready to help you overcome holiday head pain. A focused adjustment can ensure your spine is aligned so that your nervous system can function properly free from pain and disturbance.

Walk-ins are welcome. Contact us today!

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